On vacation with children: where to stay in St. Petersburg for a married couple and where to go

On vacation with children: where to stay in St. Petersburg for a married couple and where to go

St. Petersburg is a great place for a family city. It is a mistake to think that there are only museums and palaces here, which are not suitable for children. Even the famous Hermitage welcomes young guests and offers them special children's programs.

Read our article about where to stay in St. Petersburg with children and where to go with the whole family.

Where to stay in St. Petersburg with children

Traveling with children forces parents to choose a hotel to stay even more carefully. If you are planning such a trip, pay attention to the following hotels:

- which include family rooms: they are more spacious, equipped with cribs and other furniture for children;

- in a quiet area or on a less busy street, where there are no noisy bars and other entertainment venues.

Can't decide on an area? Opt for the historical center, which consists of:

- the central area, which offers a wide list of hotels, cafes and restaurants, shopping centers;

- Admiralty district, which has many green parks and historical locations;

- Vasileostrovsky district with stunning river and sea views;

- the Petrograd side, which is a symbol of the emergence of a new capital in the Russian Empire.

Where to go with children in St. Petersburg

- Russian Railways Museum: closed on Tuesdays, children under 7 years old free;

Spectacular, large-scale, exciting – and that’s all about the railway museum. The exhibits here are real and huge locomotives, displayed in an equally huge pavilion.

- Planetarium No. 1: tickets can be purchased in advance on the website;

There are separate excursions for children, where kids are shown cartoons and told in a playful way about the structure of space.

- New Holland: an ideal place for adults and children;

If you are staying at the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel with children, go along the embankment of the Kryukov Canal to New Holland. Parents will enjoy the many interesting establishments and open area for recreation, while children will appreciate the huge playground in the shape of a ship. The wooden frigate is equipped with several ladders and manholes where you can run, crawl and have fun games.

St. Petersburg is a city that offers many opportunities for family recreation. By choosing a cozy place to stay and planning interesting itineraries, you can create an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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