Nevsky Prospekt: the history of the main street of St. Petersburg and hotels nearby

Nevsky Prospekt: the history of the main street of St. Petersburg and hotels nearby

Nevsky Prospekt is a place of attraction for all tourists who come to St. Petersburg. Bright, noisy and full of beautiful locations, the street is rightfully a symbol of the city and its history.

Even if this is not your first time coming to St. Petersburg, we recommend not to miss the opportunity and walk along the avenue as often as possible, enjoying its views. And to make the walk even more interesting, in this article we will dive into the history of the street and tell you which hotel in St. Petersburg near the avenue to book.

Geography of Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect, with a length of only 4.5 km, starts from Alexander Nevsky Square and ends at the Alexander Garden. Crosses the Moika and Fontanka rivers, as well as the Griboyedov Canal, borders on other major streets:

- Sadovaya;

- Liteiny Avenue;

- Admiralteysky Avenue;

- Ligovsky Prospekt.

The history of the appearance of Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg

The need for the main arterial street of the city arose during the construction of the future capital. The thing is that goods, building materials and other raw materials were transported from Moscow and Veliky Novgorod via the Novgorod road (the modern road from Ligovsky Prospekt to the Tauride Garden), and its location was not entirely convenient. Other roads along which cargo could be delivered to the Admiralty were often washed away.

Another reason for the construction of Nevsky Prospect was the victory of Peter I over the Swedes near Poltava and the transition of Vyborg to the Russian Empire. Now nothing threatened the city, and the emperor finally decided to move the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The city developed rapidly, nobles, merchants and ordinary people moved here. The need for a street that would be the “southern gate” of the new capital grew. In 1710, the Alexander Nevsky Monastery was built, from which the construction of the avenue began. And in 1718 the street received the name “Nevskaya Perspektivnaya Doroga”.

Thus, Nevsky Prospekt became the center of city life, trade, culture and fashion, attracting residents and guests of the city.

Hotels in St. Petersburg near Nevsky Prospekt

On the avenue itself and near it there are many hotels of various categories: from inexpensive to premium. You can book a cheap hostel in one of the pre-revolutionary buildings or choose a hotel with a higher level of comfort.

Is it worth booking a room on Nevsky? Choose a hotel not on the avenue itself, but next to it, if you do not want to overpay for the hotel’s geographical location. The popularity of the street seriously increases the price tag for accommodation.

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