Where to stay and where to go in St. Petersburg with children in cold weather

Where to stay and where to go in St. Petersburg with children in cold weather

Where to spend the New Year holidays with children? Of course, in St. Petersburg! Even in cold weather, the city will surprise you with a number of interesting activities that will definitely appeal to both parents and children.

In this article we will tell you where to stay and where to go in St. Petersburg with children.

Hotel or apartment

When choosing a place to stay with children in St. Petersburg, it is important to pay attention to the location, the availability of amenities in the rooms and the ability to accommodate the whole family.

In the central areas of the city you will find many options for hotels, apartments and daily apartments that are ideal for family living.

What type of accommodation should I choose? If you really want to relax, forget about everyday issues for a few days and entrust your comfort to professional staff, choose a modern hotel in the city center.

Museums for kids

Do not think that all museums in St. Petersburg are designed exclusively for adults. Even visiting the Hermitage can be fascinating and educational. Museums in the city often offer special programs for children of different age groups, interactive exhibitions that will help them learn more about art and history.

What museums can you go to with a preschool child:

- The Hermitage offers young tourists several sightseeing tours. All of them are short and suitable for a child from 4 years old. You can sign up and buy a ticket in advance on the museum’s website.

- The Russian Museum also does not lag behind and conducts excursions for children from 5 years old. You can go with your child on the excursion “The World of the Russian Museum for Children” or “Getting to Know the Russian Museum”.

Activities for older children

It is more difficult to captivate a school-age child in a museum and surprise him with paintings by marine painters. Therefore, we offer you several more interesting activities for older children:

- A visit to the planetarium is a truly exciting adventure through space. Here you can see the starry sky, study the planets and participate in interesting educational programs.

- In cold weather, the water park becomes a particularly popular place to visit with children. The indoor area contains various swimming pools, slides, water attractions and a recreation area where children can have fun and in a safe environment.

New Year's entertainment

If you are planning a visit to St. Petersburg during the New Year holidays, then be sure to go with your children to:

- One of the city's ice skating rinks. With the arrival of cold weather, skating areas open on Elagin Island, in Sevkabel port and many other parks.

- Exhibition “Christmas” in Annenkirch. St. Anne's Lutheran Church is also a working museum with an interactive exhibition about the history of Christianity.

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