How to reduce the price of booking a room in hotels in St. Petersburg

How to reduce the price of booking a room in hotels in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, like any major tourist city, can be quite an expensive place to live. Hotels in the northern capital often inflate prices during certain seasons, holidays and seasons.

However, there are many ways to reduce the price of booking a room in a hotel in St. Petersburg and save money. We talk about the most popular ones in our article.

Specific dates

If you have the opportunity to take a vacation away from the New Year holidays and May holidays, take advantage of it.

On national weekends, hotel room prices rise sharply due to increased demand among tourists. Half of the country goes to Sochi, and the other to St. Petersburg.

Also, hotel prices vary depending on the day of the week, time of year and events taking place in the northern capital.

Book in advance

Book in advance! We kindly ask you to start preparing your holiday several months in advance of your upcoming trip. This way you will save not only your budget, but also your nerve cells. And the latter, as experts say, are not restored.

In addition, many hotels offer various promotions and special offers if you pay for their room in advance.

Using promotions and discounts

Don't hesitate to take advantage of discounts offered by hotels. Often profitable promotional codes and promotions are posted on the official resources of St. Petersburg hotels. For example, this could be a room with free breakfast, a direct discount on your booking, or a gift from the hotel.

Keep an eye out for offers like these and use them to save on your stay.

Use of online platforms

Low prices for hotels in St. Petersburg can be found on special online booking services. For example, Yandex Travel regularly returns cashback, Ostrovok gives personal promotional codes, and tries to offer some of the best prices for apartment rentals.

Contact the hotel directly

Sometimes hotels accommodate and respond positively to requests for an additional discount. Call or write to the hotel you like to find out if they have special offers for new clients.

Participation in the loyalty program

The bonus system is another good way to save on accommodation. Be sure to ask the hotel if they have a loyalty system and become a member.

Even if the discount applies to your next stay, rest assured that you will definitely return to St. Petersburg again. And a pleasant bonus will be staying in an already familiar place at a favorable price.

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