Nikolskiye rows

Photos provided by the press service of the "Nikolskiye Rows"

    Nikolsky Rows is a public and event space in the center of St. Petersburg, where you can relax with family and friends, listen to good music, play mini golf on the largest 27-hole course or participate in an interesting event.

    The summer season - 2023 will be even richer and more diverse: the golf club has become larger and 9 new holes have been added to the classic 18 holes, golf tournaments for professional athletes and amateurs will be held every weekend and holidays; jazz music will traditionally be played in the Nikolsky courtyard every Thursday as part of the Jazz in Nikolsky project", and on Wednesday – we invite you to concerts of a new musical history - "Sound bright!". The event program this season will be full of various activities: master classes, dance and musical performances of artists, themed parties, design, craft and gastronomic festivals and markets! And this is not all that will be remembered this summer in the city in Nikolsky!