What exactly is worth trying in our restaurant Most?

What exactly is worth trying in our restaurant Most?

Various cafes and restaurants of an unusual format are a feature of St. Petersburg. If you have booked a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast, you will understand why the city easily combines cultural and historical heritage, as well as an enchanting gastronomic component. Some restaurants stand out from the rest due to their interior, others — due to the menu.

The MOST restaurant is located in the Theatre Square Hotel, in the historical center of St. Petersburg, in the building of the XVIII century, Nikolskiye Ryady The restaurant's menu offers both seasonal dishes and standard positions of European cuisine. The restaurant is ideal for breakfast, lunch or just casual conversations.

We recommend you to try the new autumn menu of the restaurant. From duck breast with berry sauce to spicy eggplant with cream feta - the brightest flavors of autumn in the updated menu.

The MOST restaurant follows the change of gastronomic seasons. The restaurant staff carefully monitors the taste trends of the capital and updates the menu once a season.

Fragrant duck breast with berry sauce is an original dish for a family dinner! Pumpkin cream soup with bacon and croutons has notes of spicy herbs and honey. Autumn berries – emphasize the taste of hot dishes.

The standard menu has everyone's favorite basic dishes: lasagna Bolognese, spaghetti in cream sauce with seafood and, of course, a dish for real men - a juicy burger with selected beef. Desserts include berry eclair and branded cheesecakes with whipped sour cream.

If you have rented a hotel in St. Petersburg and want to have breakfast in a cozy interior or just take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee - the MOST Restaurant is waiting for you. We invite all connoisseurs of haute cuisine to enjoy the masterpieces of modern culinary art in the MOST Restaurant. Prudent waiters and skilled chefs will provide you with fast service and delicious food.