Breakfast in the room: what dish will make your morning magical?

Breakfast in the room: what dish will make your morning magical?

Breakfast at the hotel will save your family time, money and energy. To give you more time to visit all the sights of St. Petersburg, order food directly to your room. Call the front desk and our friendly staff will deliver a hot and delicious breakfast directly to your room.

The Theatre Square Hotel offers cozy inexpensive hotel rooms in the center of St. Petersburg with breakfast for an additional fee. Also, a hearty and healthy breakfast is always available to our guests in our MOST restaurant. On the hotel's website, you can find a gallery of dishes that will allow you to assess the level of service, study examples of serving and use illustrative examples to understand breakfast according to the buffet system.

The menu of an inexpensive hotel in St. Petersburg with breakfast includes nutritious cereals, juicy fruits, dairy products or soft fragrant pastries. Guests can also enjoy the usual morning drinks: coffee, tea and juices. Experienced qualified chefs work at the Theatre Square Hotel in St. Petersburg, whose duties include taking care of the health and good mood of guests. And the picturesque view from our restaurant perfectly improves appetite.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For breakfast, you should eat something healthy and satisfying. It's probably hard to find people who don't like eggs for breakfast. The usual fried eggs or omelet with various additives will make your morning unforgettable in our hotel, for this purpose there is a special hot station in the restaurant.

Breakfast in our restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel takes place from 7:00 to 11:00, You can always order food directly to your room. Try the signature continental breakfast and the new autumn menu, as well as other dishes made by our chef! In addition to breakfast, we offer you a wide range of drinks so that the morning is exactly right! The bar menu also includes coffee, hot chocolate and coffee with vegetable milk.

Start the day deliciously and recharge your energy for the whole day with the delivery of breakfast to the room of the St. Petersburg hotel in the center at a good price.