Advantages of a gym in a hotel in St. Petersburg

Advantages of a gym in a hotel in St. Petersburg

Traveling is not a reason to forget about yourself. And if a healthy lifestyle is not just empty words for you, then the presence of a gym in the hotel will be a powerful argument when choosing a place to stay in St. Petersburg.

5 reasons to choose a hotel with a gym in St. Petersburg

1. Saving time is an invaluable resource: instead of looking for the nearest fitness club, you can go down to the gym and immediately start training. This is especially true for business trips, when every minute counts.

2. Comfort and privacy: forget about crowds, queues for exercise equipment and prying eyes. At the hotel you can train in a calm and comfortable atmosphere, fully concentrating on your sensations.

3. Safety and hygiene: during the pandemic, the issue of safety has become particularly relevant. A hotel gym is a guarantee of cleanliness and compliance with sanitary standards.

4. Additional features: many hotels offer guests not only a gym, but also a swimming pool, sauna, hammam, yoga or Pilates classes.

5. Motivation and discipline: having a gym in the hotel is a great incentive not to miss a workout, even while away from home.

What are gyms in St. Petersburg hotels usually equipped with

1. Cardio zone: treadmills, elliptical and exercise bikes, steppers - everything for effective cardio training and burning calories.

2. Strength training equipment: training equipment for all muscle groups, dumbbells, barbells, bench presses - for those who prefer strength training.

3. Free weights: dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls - for functional training and developing strength and endurance.

4. Stretching area: mats, fitballs, rollers - to relax muscles after training and increase flexibility.

When choosing a hotel with a gym in St. Petersburg, pay attention to the following points

1. Opening hours: check whether the gym is open 24 hours a day or during certain hours.

2. Availability of an instructor: If you are a beginner or need help creating a training program, choose a hotel that has a trainer.

3. Additional services: check if towels, water and other amenities are provided.

Forget about the painful search for a fitness club in an unfamiliar city, about wasting time on the road and about the questionable hygiene of public places. The gym at the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel is your personal island of health and beauty, available from early morning until late evening.