What do stars mean in hotels

What do stars mean in hotels

There are some general guidelines that hotel guests should understand. First, hotel stardom measures the quality of a hotel's services, not its experience. This is very important to understand when booking a hotel on the official website in St. Petersburg. Hotels with more stars have more amenities. They usually have large rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzis and many additional services.

Background of the five-star system

The five-star rating system was invented by people not from the world of hospitality at all. It was created by the oil and gas company Mobil. Mobil employees traveling around the country to service their gas stations and mining sites have begun using the five-star system to rate hotels and compile travel guides. The five-star system quickly gained popularity, but even today it continues to be unregulated. The star rating will vary depending on who made it. Some countries are more stringent than others.

One star

Basic accommodation, small rooms. These hotels do not guarantee private bathrooms, a 24-hour front desk, or daily housekeeping.

Two stars

Often two-star hotels are located in old buildings that are beyond repair. These facilities are usually better compared to one star hotels. They offer guests a 24-hour reception, cleaning service and a bathroom. Facilities are still limited, but you can book a continental breakfast and a room with a telephone and TV.

Three stars

This hotel will offer guests room service, bathrooms, daily housekeeping, a desk or table with Wi-Fi. This is the standard hotel service that most travelers expect.

Four stars

These hotels offer an on-site pool, gym, bar/restaurant and parking. They have beautiful rooms and large lobbies. Fast internet is a standard option.

Five Stars

The hotel will have a good bar and restaurant, spa, gym, large bathrooms and comfortable beds.

Travelers are rarely aware of the difference between star ratings given by government inspectors. When booking a hotel in Russia, we advise you to read the reviews. You can also compare the price of booking a hotel with the number of services that it provides. We recommend that you book a room on the official website of the Theater Square Hotel. The hotel is located in the central part of St. Petersburg, in the Admiralteisky district. You can go to the hotel room reservation page and see the nearest free arrival dates.