What events are worth visiting in May and June if you are staying at the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel in St. Petersburg

What events are worth visiting in May and June if you are staying at the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel in St. Petersburg

The Teatralnaya Ploshchad Hotel is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, making it an ideal location for tourists wishing to enjoy the city's cultural and entertainment events.

Are you planning to stay at our hotel in May or June? We have prepared for you a list of entertainment events that will take place in St. Petersburg during these months.

Important! Performance dates are indicated at the time of publication of the article. We recommend that you regularly update online posters to keep track of all changes to events.

Punk fairy tale “The King and the Clown” in St. Petersburg

When and where: May 1, Ice Palace

The favorite songs of the most unusual punk band in Russia will turn into a real symphonic show with elements of a fairy tale.

The punk fairy tale “The King and the Clown” will appeal not only to loyal fans of the band of the same name, but also to all lovers of a colorful show with elements of mysticism.

Vivaldi, Seasons

When and where: May-June, Annenkirche

In the darkness of Annenkirche, the sound of classical music becomes more intense and impressive. Here you can immerse yourself in the classical works of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Brahms and other composers, and enjoy the visual accompaniment of the concert.

Big solo concert of Leonid Agutin

When and where: June 29, Gazprom Arena

Composer, poet, guitarist, singer, artist and producer - and all this is about Leonid Agutin, who cannot help but fall in love with his talent.

His songs are real works of art. They are light and cheerful, making you sing along and dance non-stop.

Nikolsky ranks

When and where: all year round, Sadovaya, 62

The public space “Nikolskie Rydy” is not only hotels and restaurants. There is a large outdoor area in the building's courtyard.

In winter, a skating rink and a slide operated here, and soon, closer to summer, a mini-golf course, areas for sporting events and master classes will appear on the territory of the former Nikolsky market.

You can view the schedule of events on social networks or on the poster at the address of the public space/

The Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel in St. Petersburg will allow you not only to attend the most interesting events, but also to spend your vacation in one of the beautiful areas, surrounded by the pre-revolutionary architecture of the city on the Neva.