Near New Holland: choose a hotel and go explore this location in St. Petersburg

Near New Holland: choose a hotel and go explore this location in St. Petersburg

New Holland is one of the most amazing and interesting places in St. Petersburg. Previously an abandoned island, it has become a cultural and social center, attracting not only local residents, but also tourists from all over the world.

If you plan to visit this and other locations in the center, it is important to choose the right hotel to stay close to the main attractions of St. Petersburg.

Choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg near New Holland

When choosing a hotel near New Holland, it is important to consider not only the convenience of living, but also the proximity to attractions and public transport.

The Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel is located a 20-minute walk from New Holland and offers comfortable rooms, a high level of service and a convenient location for travelers.

To choose a suitable room at Theater Square Hotel:

- book in advance - this way you will save on accommodation;

- choose a room depending on the number of guests;

- use the hotel loyalty program.

History of New Holland in St. Petersburg

New Holland are two artificially created islands in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, between the Moika and Neva rivers.

At different periods of time, warehouses and workshops were located on the island, carrying out the construction and repair of military ships. The island was surrounded by canals, which made it possible to conveniently bring cargo here.

Exploring New Holland

New Holland is a small island, with several buildings and an open area in the center.

It is equally beautiful and interesting here in winter and summer. In the very center of the island there is the New Holland Canal and the beach, surrounded by a recreation area and cultural events. Visitors to the island love to relax on the grass here, read a book or enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

New Holland is also famous for its cultural and educational activities. Exhibitions, concerts, lectures and master classes are regularly held here. In the summer there is a beach club, and in the winter there is an ice skating rink. At any time of the year, here you can enjoy the atmosphere of creativity and take a break from the bustle of the city.

Exploring New Holland and its surroundings represents a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of St. Petersburg.

Go to the website of the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel, choose a room near New Holland and enjoy your vacation in the very center of the historical part of St. Petersburg.