Why is a hotel in St. Petersburg near the center profitable and affordable

Why is a hotel in St. Petersburg near the center profitable and affordable

A hotel in St. Petersburg near the center is profitable and affordable. You will live near popular tourist locations of the northern capital, walk a lot along the ancient streets and truly enjoy your vacation.

What other advantages does such placement have? We share in the article.

Hotel in St. Petersburg near the center - advantages

1. Convenience and accessibility:

All the iconic sights of St. Petersburg are located in the center. Therefore, a hotel near this part of the city will provide you with quick access to any beautiful locations.

2. Developed infrastructure:

Despite the abundance of historical attractions, the center has many chain supermarkets, 24-hour pharmacies, parking lots and playgrounds. You can even find a dog walking area and a medical center here.

The historical part of the city is developed and fully oriented towards the needs of tourists during their holidays.

3. Atmosphere and uniqueness

People come to the northern capital for the unique atmosphere of the city, its history and culture. Therefore, a hotel in St. Petersburg should be in the very center or close to it, so that you can enjoy all the beauty of the city.

4. Entertainment and cultural events:

Thanks to its proximity to the center, guests of the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel have easy access to theaters, museums, restaurants and other entertainment venues. During the day you can go to a museum or on a street excursion, and in the evening go to a bar or restaurant with panoramic views.

5. Variety of offers:

The streets of St. Petersburg adjacent to Nevsky Prospekt offer an equally wide selection of hotels of various categories and levels of comfort. Guests can choose an option that suits their preferences and budget, while enjoying the convenience and advantage of the location.

6. Saving money:

By choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg near the center, and not on Nevsky Prospekt itself, you save money on accommodation. And Nevsky Prospekt is easily accessible on foot or by metro.

What is the center of St. Petersburg, and what is nearby?

When we talk about the center of St. Petersburg, we mean Nevsky Prospekt and the streets near the city's largest attractions. Accommodation here is quite expensive due to its proximity to tourist locations.

To save on your booking, choose nearby streets and areas. This way you will live in the same part of the city, get to any iconic places on foot, but not overpay for rent.

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