Overview of the most beautiful parks in St. Petersburg

Overview of the most beautiful parks in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the greenest of the major cities in Russia. The statistics are impressive: there are more than 200 parks and gardens in the city. There are also more than 700 green squares in St. Petersburg. If you have booked a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg, it does not mean at all that you will not be able to find a piece of green space in the midst of the bustle of the city.

Pavlovsky park

The park looks like a forest in many places. Beautiful alleys are surrounded by picturesque lawns. On the territory of the park you will see ancient statues and beautiful bridges.

The park has an area of ​​more than 600 hectares, you can walk through it for hours. If you get bored with hiking in the forest, take a look at the Pavlovsk Palace area. Closer to the palace area there are a couple of cafes. Pavlovsk is located just 40 minutes by train from St. Petersburg. Paid entrance.


Gatchina is a park known for its clean air and magnificent landscapes.

In 1765, Catherine the Great gave Gatchina land to her favorite Grigory Orlov in gratitude for his help in the coup in 1762. At first, the forest was used as a hunting ground. A little later, a palace and an English garden were built in Gatchina between two lakes: White and Black. The park is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00. Entrance to Gatchina Park is free. Gatchina is located about 1 hour drive from the Baltic Station.

Shuvalovsky Park

Shuvalovsky Park is a 15-minute walk from Pargolovo Train Station. You can also get there from the Prospect Prosveshcheniya metro station or from the Ozerki metro station. Shuvalovsky Park is known for its bizarre ponds. At one time, the park was the mansion of the Shuvalov family. We recommend paying attention to the Church of Peter and Paul, located in the park. Another feature of it is that the equestrian center is located in the park.


Located between St. Petersburg and the city of Vyborg, Semiozerye is famous for its rolling forests and beautiful lakes surrounding the villages of Semiozerye and Polyany. You can get there by train from Moskovsky railway station to Polyany station in the direction of Volkhovstroy-1.

We hope that now you have an approximate guide to the parks of St. Petersburg. We recommend that you book a room on the official website of the Theater Square Hotel. The hotel is located in the central part of the city, in the Admiralteisky district. You can go to the hotel room reservation page and see the nearest free arrival dates.