Where to go with children in St. Petersburg

Where to go with children in St. Petersburg

When planning a trip and booking a hotel with children in 2022, it is worth considering even the smallest details: from dining places to a convenient hotel location. Now we will tell you about places where neither you nor your child will be bored.

1) New Holland

New Holland is an island of nature not far from Nevsky Prospekt. If you have booked a hotel near the center in St. Petersburg, pay attention to this place. It has everything you need for walking with children. You can buy groceries and have a picnic, or send your child to the playground and enjoy nature at a leisurely pace.

What's in New Holland?

- a green area with comfortable sunbeds for adults and children;

- a food court with a varied cuisine, where you can find dishes not only for yourself, but also for the child;

- 2 playgrounds - for toddlers and older children;

- stalls with ice cream;

- several stages where performances and lectures are often held.

Entrance here is free. You can bring your own food and drinks with you.

2) Alexander Park

If you were planning to visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, then not far from it is another great place for walking with children. We recommend visiting the Leningrad Zoo, and then look into the coffee shop “More Coffee”. It is best to visit the zoo at noon, as most animals sleep in the morning.

3) Botanical Garden

If you find yourself in the Petrogradsky district, we recommend visiting the botanical garden. It has existed since the time of Peter I. The park has a playground where your child will have fun while you enjoy the beauty of the greenhouse. Entrance to the garden is paid.

4) Summer garden

The Summer Garden is a French garden with labyrinths and sculptures created by some of the best Venetian artists of the time. Surely your child will enjoy wandering through the long mazes. You can play catch-up and have fun.

5) Sevcable port

An interesting place located on the territory of the former cable factory. It is better to come here at sunset. An incredible view of the Neva creates a feeling of boundless space.

There are many cafes where you can get food and drinks. Grab a cocktail and sit down to enjoy the sunset. Your kids will definitely love it here.

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