Where to stay in St. Petersburg for 3 days and what to see

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for 3 days and what to see

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for 3 days? For a three-day stay in the city, it is best to choose a hotel near the center, as this will simplify access to the main attractions. One of the most popular places to stay is the historical center itself, where there are many hotels of various categories - from luxurious to cozy.

Which hotel to choose and how to see St. Petersburg and the surrounding area in 3 days – read our article.

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for 3 days

1. Central region

A selection of centrally located hotels will provide easy access to major attractions and public transport. There are many cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as bars and other entertainment venues.

2. Vasileostrovsky district

The proximity to the Gulf of Finland makes this area attractive among lovers of seascapes. Vaska is much calmer than the center, but there is also a lot of infrastructure for tourists.

3. Admiralteysky district

Here you will enjoy the unique atmosphere of the historical center and will be able to get to the Central District on foot.

What to see in St. Petersburg in 3 days

If this is your first time in St. Petersburg, go on the classic tourist route:

Day 1: Hermitage, Palace Square, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Visit the Hermitage, the majestic Palace Square and the amazing Church of the Savior on Blood, and immerse yourself in the history of art and culture.

Day 2: Peter and Paul Fortress, Peter's Palace, Peterhof

Explore the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Petrogradsky district, and in good weather, head to Peterhof to enjoy the fountains and parks.

Day 3: Excursion to communal apartments, courtyards-wells, “Gangster Petersburg” and “Dostoevshchina”

After looking at the ceremonial views of St. Petersburg, take a private or group excursion to another, not the most attractive, history of the city.

For regular guests of the city, we recommend another program:

Day 1: Gastro tour of restaurants and bars

After a tiring journey, skip the sightseeing and go explore the city's gastronomic culture. Elm, Forest Hill and Nordic are among the top best establishments in various independent ratings.

Day 2: Pel's Pharmacy, Rotunda, Smolensk Cemetery

If you have already been on various excursions of the city, go on a trip to mystical places, and there are many of them in St. Petersburg.

Day 3: Oranienbaum, Vyborg or Sestroretsk

In warm and dry weather, the ideal pastime is a trip to one of the towns in the Leningrad region.

Choose the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel in the Admiralteyskaya district of St. Petersburg to spend time in the very center of the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings and canal embankments.