Where to stay in St. Petersburg for a week: Admiralteysky district or Vasilyevsky Island

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for a week: Admiralteysky district or Vasilyevsky Island

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for a week to see as many tourist locations as possible? Of course, in its historical center!

However, the center of St. Petersburg is not only Nevsky Prospekt and the streets closest to it. The center includes several districts on different banks of the Neva, so when choosing a hotel it is important to consider its location and accessibility to other parts of the city.

In this article we will talk about the popular Admiralteysky district and Vasilievsky Island.

Admiralteysky district in St. Petersburg

1. Geography

Geographically, the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg extends from Gorokhovaya Street, along the border of the Obvodny Canal and along the embankment of the Ekateringofka River near the Ekateringof Park.

2. Historical center

The Admiralteysky district is located in the historical center of the city, close to the main tourist attractions such as Palace Square, the Winter Palace, the Hermitage, Nevsky Prospekt, etc. Living here will provide easy access to most historical and cultural places.

You can walk to the Admiralty and New Holland, walk in good weather along the embankment of the Fontanka River, admiring the rich mansions along its banks.

3. Infrastructure

The Admiralteysky district offers a rich infrastructure: restaurants, cafes, shops, theaters and museums for every taste and budget. A large number of public transport will make it easier to move around the city.

4. Tourist routes

- from Semimostye to New Holland through the Mariinsky Theater;

- from the Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel along Nikolsky Lane to the embankment of the Fontanka River and further along its bank to the intersection with Nevsky Prospekt;

- from Semimostya along Sadovaya Street to Palace Embankment.

Vasilyevsky Island

1. Calm environment

Vasilyevsky Island offers a calmer environment compared to the center, which is attractive for those who love privacy and quiet after a busy day.

2. Proximity to the Neva

The location of the island on the Neva gives it a special charm. Magnificent views of the river and city panoramas create a romantic atmosphere.

3. University Quarter

On Vasilievsky Island there are several buildings of St. Petersburg universities, thanks to which many cafes and restaurants with stylish interiors, creative spaces and contemporary art museums open here every year, which create a unique youth spirit and atmosphere of cultural exchange.

Where to stay in St. Petersburg for a week

If you prefer a more active holiday, full of a variety of activities, attractions and cultural events, then the Admiralteysky District will be a more suitable choice.

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