To St. Petersburg with children: what to consider when booking a hotel

To St. Petersburg with children: what to consider when booking a hotel

Traveling to St. Petersburg with children can be an exciting adventure for the whole family. After all, you will remember the time spent together for a long time.

However, when planning such a trip, it is important to take into account many factors, especially when choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg with children. What to pay attention to and what room to book – we tell you in the article.

Convenient location of the hotel in St. Petersburg

The location of the hotel is one of the most important criteria when choosing accommodation when traveling with children. The best option would be proximity to parks, children's entertainment centers and public transport.

City center or residential area? Of course, there are many more playgrounds in the residential area. But that’s not why you came to St. Petersburg.

In the central areas there are many more parks and green areas that are family-oriented.

Availability of a family room at the hotel

When looking for a place to stay, pay attention to the hotel's room capacity:

- do they have family rooms;

- how many beds are available in the most spacious room;

- is it possible to install additional beds;

- what policy does the hotel follow: non-smoking or smoking;

- Is there a noisy entertainment venue at the hotel?

Security at the St. Petersburg hotel

To worry less about the health and comfort of your children on vacation, think in advance about the safety of your stay in St. Petersburg:

1. Choose a hotel not just in the city center, but away from noisy clubs and bars. It is important that the street where the hotel is located is also less busy.

2. Study on the website or check with the manager what security measures are common in the hotel: surveillance cameras, security, fire safety system, locks on doors and windows.

Do not forget about the standard rules in any tourist city:

1. During daylight hours, move around the city on foot, but after dark, use public transport.

2. Do not let children roam freely in the park. Don't let them hang on railings along embankments or on bridges.

3. Always hold your child’s hand in the subway, because in the flow of people (and in St. Petersburg this flow is huge) it is easy to lose him.

4. Give your child a phone or watch with geolocation. Talk to your child about basic safety rules in an unfamiliar place.

5. Explain to your child that there is no need to communicate with animators dressed as famous cartoon characters, and do not fall for their trick yourself.

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