What problems will you encounter if you rent a hotel in St. Petersburg for daily rent?

Renting a hotel in St. Petersburg for daily rent can be a convenient solution for those who have not decided how many days they want to stay in the city on the Neva or plan to stay here for a day.

However, this method of booking has many significant disadvantages that are important to consider when renting a room.

High price

The first and perhaps the most serious problem is the high cost of daily hotel rentals.

In St. Petersburg, prices for renting hotel rooms are quite high, especially during the tourist season. However, many hotels reduce room rates for long-term bookings.

If you decide to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg for daily rent, be prepared for inflated prices.

Limited choice

Not all hotels in St. Petersburg provide daily room rentals. After all, it is much more profitable when tourists stay for several days.

Therefore, if you like a certain hotel, be prepared that you cannot rent a room there for a day.

Difficulty in renewing your number

Another problem with daily rentals is the low probability that you will be able to extend your stay at the chosen hotel.

The thing is that in St. Petersburg the demand for hotels is high all year round, and rooms in good hotels are booked several months in advance. If you liked the room in which you spent a day, the hotel does not guarantee that it will be available for the next days. And then you will have to move to another apartment or to another hotel.

Limited services

The practice of a limited list of services for those who want to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg for daily rent is unpopular, but sometimes occurs in some hotels.

When choosing to rent a room for a day, breakfast, pets or laundry may not be available to you.

No discounts on rooms

Another unpleasant consequence of daily rentals is the lack of promotions for accommodation. Hotels are more willing to provide discounts on room bookings or give free services if you stay with them for at least 2-3 days.

And finally, a day in St. Petersburg is too little, even if you ended up in our city by transfer. Set aside at least a couple of days to walk around the northern capital and enjoy its views.

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