How to book a hotel room in St. Petersburg during high season if all places are occupied

How to book a hotel room in St. Petersburg during high season if all places are occupied

Booking a hotel room in St. Petersburg during the tourist season is a task with an asterisk, especially if you decide to spontaneously visit our city.

The demand for hotels in the northern capital is high all year round, however, even at the peak of tourism, you can find a free room here if you follow our recommendations.

Plan ahead

Even if you don't know the exact dates of your vacation, book your room in advance. Many hotels offer accommodation options without prepayment or any deposit.

Roughly decide on what dates you would like to come to St. Petersburg, book a hotel room with the possibility of free cancellation and do not forget to cancel this in advance if your plans change.

Use multiple booking sources

When searching for a free number, all means are good. If Yandex Travel shows that there are no available reservations, go to Ozon Travel or

Didn't find the number there either? Call the hotel directly and check with the manager for available apartments. Sometimes hotels keep a couple of rooms “on reserve” and do not provide this information to third-party reservation systems.

Look for alternative booking options

In addition to apartments and hostels, consider other accommodation options:

- hotels;

- apartments;

- colivings.

If you previously only booked budget hotels, consider rooms in hotels of 3, 4 and higher stars.

Contact the hotel in St. Petersburg directly

Be sure to contact the hotel you like directly. Sometimes hotels leave reserved rooms that don't show up on booking platforms.

There are also situations when the hotel has rooms with prepayment, but not paid in full. Often, reservations for them are canceled at the last minute, and the hotel manager can place it in your name.

Join the waiting lists

Another option to check into a specific hotel is to contact its manager and sign up for the waiting list for available rooms. If someone cancels your rental, you will be notified promptly.

Contact local travel agencies

Travel agencies often reserve several rooms in different hotels on their own account in order to sell them to clients in the future. Try contacting a local company and purchasing a tour to St. Petersburg with accommodation.

Go to the website to book a hotel room in the very center of the historical part of St. Petersburg at a competitive price.