How to reduce the price of a hotel in the city center of St. Petersburg

How to reduce the price of a hotel in the city center of St. Petersburg

A trip to St. Petersburg will become even more enjoyable if you have the opportunity to save on accommodation.

We understand that a vacation is always associated with high expenses for tickets, accommodation and entertainment, so we suggest using these simple rules and reducing the price of a hotel in St. Petersburg, even if it is located in the city center.

Planning ahead

Even if you are tired of hearing from us about booking in advance, we will not stop repeating it.

The sooner you start looking for accommodation, even if the vacation application has not yet been signed and tickets have not been purchased, the more benefits you will receive:

- more accommodation options;

- affordable prices for hotels in St. Petersburg in the city center even in high season;

- the ability to add additional services with a low surcharge.

And if suddenly your trip is canceled or rescheduled, just contact the hotel and cancel your reservation. Just do this in advance, and not the day before your expected check-in.

Using coupons and special offers

Almost all hotels in St. Petersburg actively lure tourists with special offers for accommodation.

The Teatralnaya Ploshchad hotel currently has several such promotions:

- 15% discount on accommodation if you celebrate a birthday with us (valid three days before and after the holiday);

- low cost of accommodation for sports teams and group accommodation for tourists.

Flexible dates of stay

Do not choose vacation on May holidays and other public days! If you have the opportunity to relax in April or September, come to St. Petersburg during these months, when the tourist season has not yet begun, but the weather in the city is already comfortable.

Price comparison

Before booking a hotel through an aggregator, use a price comparison service that will collect all offers for rooms in a given location and allow you to choose the cheapest one.

And it’s best to book a room directly on the hotel’s website, where there are definitely no intermediary commissions or taxes.

Search for special coupons and promotional codes

Not all hotels issue promotional codes for accommodation, but this does not prevent you from checking what discounts are available for both new and regular guests of this place, which will help to significantly reduce the price of a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg.

Plan your vacation in advance, go to the Theatre Square Hotel website and book your spring or summer vacation now. Theater Square Hotel offers its guests a convenient location in the city center and modern rooms at affordable prices.