How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg during the cold season?

How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg during the cold season?

How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg? This is probably the most popular question among tourists who are planning to visit the northern capital for the first time.

Pricing in St. Petersburg hotels depends on dozens of factors. However, in this article we will tell you what factors especially strongly influence the cost of rooms and what average prices city hotels offer during the cold season.

Seasonal variations

Even in winter, during the coldest time of the year, the demand for hotels in St. Petersburg never ceases to fluctuate. The rise and fall in room prices depend on New Year's and other winter holidays.

If you want to celebrate the New Year in St. Petersburg, be prepared for high living costs. To save a little on rent, you can come to St. Petersburg not on New Year’s Eve itself, but closer to Orthodox Christmas.


The location of the St. Petersburg hotel affects prices even in winter, despite the fact that tourists walk less due to bad weather.

And here the mathematics is very simple: the closer to Nevsky Prospekt, the higher the rental cost. In order not to overpay for location, but to live in the center, choose hotels away from the main street of the city, in the area of the Fontanka River embankment. The views will be the same, and Nevsky Prospekt can be reached on foot.

Hotel category

Luxury hotels in historic buildings usually offer higher prices. However, you can save money here too if you plan your vacation in advance and book a hotel room in St. Petersburg six months before your upcoming trip.

Service level

The level of service in the hotel is your level of comfort, coziness and good mood. Therefore, do not spare money on a hotel with good service, add breakfast and other additional services to your stay.

Additional services

The presence of breakfast (even initially free), parking, WiFi, room service, soap supplies in the room will affect the total cost of living. However, going back to the point above, they will also influence your holiday experience.

Hotel popularity

The more popular a hotel is, the higher prices it can offer for rooms. To avoid popularity premiums, choose non-chain hotels with good online reviews.

How much does a hotel cost in St. Petersburg?

The average price for accommodation in the cold season for a standard double room in central hotels usually ranges from 3,000 to 15,000 rubles per day, depending on the level of the hotel, its location and the services provided.

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