How to celebrate a wedding in St. Petersburg and choose a hotel for two

How to celebrate a wedding in St. Petersburg and choose a hotel for two

A wedding in St. Petersburg is definitely an exciting and exciting experience for a couple in love.

The northern capital offers a variety of restaurants, bars and cultural entertainment for those who choose to celebrate this important event here. However, first of all, we recommend that you rent a comfortable hotel in St. Petersburg for two in order to truly enjoy time with your other half.

Registration at the Civil Registry Office

Is it possible to sign in St. Petersburg without registration? The law states that both residents of St. Petersburg and guests of the city can get married in the northern capital. The most convenient way is to submit an application through the State Services portal by selecting any registry office or Wedding Palace in St. Petersburg.

Choosing a hotel in St. Petersburg for two

St. Petersburg offers many accommodation options: from apartments to luxury hotels in the city center. However, to prepare and celebrate a wedding or honeymoon, it is best to stay at a hotel where you will be surrounded by caring staff and high quality service.

What criteria should you use to choose a hotel in St. Petersburg for two:

- city center: this location will provide you with proximity to all the beautiful locations where you can take your first family photos;

- historical hotel: here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the old city and admire the beautiful views from the window;

- availability of a spacious room: with a large double bed, plenty of storage space and perfect cleanliness.

In addition, having a restaurant at the hotel will be a big advantage, especially if you have not yet chosen a banquet hall for your celebration.

Choosing a wedding venue

1. Historical buildings and palaces: St. Petersburg is rich in such locations. However, before appearing in wedding attire in any palace in the city, check in advance about the possibility of renting a room.

2. Restaurants with panoramic views: numerous restaurants located on the banks of rivers offer their visitors not only an exquisite menu, but also beautiful views of the city.

3. Covered terrace with a view: is a good option for a wedding, but only in the warm season of the city. In other months, the weather in St. Petersburg is too unpredictable to plan a holiday outside.

Choose the Theatre Square Hotel and the MOST restaurant to celebrate such an important event for your family. And we will do everything to ensure that your wedding and honeymoon at Theater Square Hotel leaves only positive emotions.