What do you pay for or what does the price of a hotel room in St. Petersburg consist of?

What do you pay for or what does the price of a hotel room in St. Petersburg consist of?

When we book a hotel room, we expect comfortable accommodation and quality service. And the price we pay for a room is formed from many components.

What are these components and what affects the price of a hotel room in St. Petersburg - read in our article.


One of the main factors influencing the price is the location of the hotel. If the hotel is in the center of St. Petersburg or near important historical sites, the room rate will be higher than that of a hotel in Murino.

This inflated price is explained not only by proximity to attractions, but also by expensive rent in the historical part of the city.

Comfort level

Price is directly related to another factor – comfort. To do this, hotels with good ratings make sure that guests sleep on beds with orthopedic mattresses, provide each with a menu of pillows, and put a hygiene kit and pleasant-smelling towels in the bathroom.

Comfort is in the little things, but every little thing, be it a new hairdryer or free tea, one way or another affects the final cost of your stay.

Hotel star rating

3, 4 or 5 stars, middle segment or premium – hotels have one rating or another for a reason. The more stars, the higher the level of service and the reputation of the hotel, which it has accumulated over the years.

Seasonality and demand

The price of a hotel room in St. Petersburg also depends on the season of the year and demand. During winter and spring holidays, major sporting or business events, be prepared to pay extra for accommodation even in the most budget hotel.

Do not be surprised by the high price tag at the very peak of the white nights, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and even on Navy Day.

Room category

The price of a room also depends on its category. A street view room, upgraded comfort and breakfast will cost you more than a standard courtyard view apartment.

Taxes and additional expenses

Don't forget about taxes and additional fees. From April 1, 2024, tourists staying in hotels in St. Petersburg will pay an additional 100 rubles per person daily.

This practice is popular abroad, and now resort fees are gradually appearing in Russian tourist cities.

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