How to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg if you are going on a trip with a pet

How to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg if you are going on a trip with a pet

Traveling with a pet can be exciting and comfortable, especially if you are planning to visit St. Petersburg. The northern capital is considered a pet-friendly place for furry tourists.

However, before you rent a hotel in St. Petersburg, make sure that it is pet-friendly and has all the necessary infrastructure for your pet nearby.

Hotel selection

When choosing a hotel to stay with a pet, it is important to pay attention to its pet policy.

More and more hotels in St. Petersburg welcome four-legged travelers, however, the conditions and rules of living in them can vary significantly. Some hotels only accept small animals of certain breeds, while others may provide additional services such as dog walking and grooming.


Before renting a hotel in St. Petersburg, be sure to check the availability of pet-friendly services and living conditions. Make sure the hotel you choose will actually accept your pet of a certain breed and size, and what additional fees you'll need to pay.

We recommend calling the hotel manager to ask about all possible restrictions, what documents or vaccinations may be required to accommodate a pet.


When choosing a pet-friendly hotel, it is also important to consider that there is a park or other quiet street near you for walking your dog. Look on the map or check with the hotel manager to see if there are nearby green areas for walking and other places where you can move freely with your pet.

Don't forget to find out about the nearest pet store, the possibility of having pet supplies delivered directly to your hotel, and a veterinary clinic.

Additional services

Many hotels offer additional services for staying with pets, such as walking, feeding, room cleaning and others.

Look on the hotel website or ask the manager by phone what accessories they will provide you with upon check-in. For example, hotels often provide pet kits: bowls, diapers, beds and toys.

Compliance with the rules

Remember that staying in a hotel with a pet requires compliance with certain rules and norms of behavior:

- make sure that your cat or dog does not make loud noises for a long time (loud barking at night will definitely not be appreciated in the next room);

- take your pet to the toilet only in the designated place and always clean up after him;

- do not let your pet damage the furniture and interior items in the room;

- do not let your pet roam freely around the hotel.

Theater Square Hotel is also a pet-friendly hotel and freely accommodates tourists with little companions. You can select and book a room for staying with a pet on the hotel website.