How to find a good hotel in St. Petersburg: alternatives

How to find a good hotel in St. Petersburg: alternatives has left Russia, and many people think that there are no more good services for booking hotel rooms in St. Petersburg. However, it is not!

Foreign aggregators have been replaced by domestic platforms, with the help of which you can also find a good hotel in any city in Russia, including St. Petersburg.

In this article we will look at several alternative services for travelers.

Yandex Travels

Yandex Travel is a service developed by Yandex that helps travelers book train and air tickets, hotel accommodations and hotels in different cities of Russia. Also on the site you can choose a tour or find information about attractions, restaurants and other tourist locations in the “Travel Journal”.

Yandex Travel is chosen for:

- convenient search for information: an intuitive interface will help you choose a hotel according to your preferences;

- information about hotels and prices: the service offers an extensive database of hotels with ratings and prices;

- reviews and recommendations: reviews from other travelers are an important part of the service;

- a loyalty program with generous cashback for users.


An analogue of Yandex Travel is another service – Ostrovok. It is also considered one of the popular in Russia and offers a number of advantages for its users:

- a large selection of hotels and hostels: the service cooperates with hotels throughout Russia so that travelers have a wide choice of accommodation options;

- detailed booking information: each hotel has a detailed description with photographs, information about rooms, amenities, services and location;

- reviews and ratings from other travelers: on Ostrovok you can read reviews from other users who have ever stayed in a particular hotel. is an online rental service and a good analogue of Airbnb, which is suitable for those who want to rent not a hotel, but an apartment. offers a wide selection of housing, including spacious apartments and comfortable apartments, as well as more affordable options such as studios or rooms. Users can choose an apartment that matches their preferences in terms of number of rooms, location, amenities and comfort level.

Where else can you book a hotel room in St. Petersburg? Of course, on its official resource. Go to the website of "the Teatralnaya Ploshchad" hotel and choose a room according to your preferences and budget, and we will do everything to make sure your vacation is comfortable.