Pros and cons of daily rent of hotels in St. Petersburg

Pros and cons of daily rent of hotels in St. Petersburg

Daily rent of rooms in hotels in St. Petersburg is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who come to the northern capital both for a couple of days and for a long time.

However, like any other booking method, daily rent has its pros and cons. We talk about them in the article.

Advantages of daily hotel rentals

- flexibility;

Renting a hotel in St. Petersburg by the day allows you to plan your vacation more flexibly. You will be able to pay only for the period of stay that you need. This is especially convenient for travelers who do not know in advance how much time they will spend in the city or in case of a sudden change of plans.

- convenience;

With daily rent, you will have access to all the same amenities as for guests with long stays.

- wide selection;

A huge number of hotels in St. Petersburg offers daily accommodation. You will be able to choose among hotels with different levels of comfort, price category and location in the city. 

This will give you the opportunity to find the best option that suits your needs and budget.

Disadvantages of daily hotel rentals

- high cost;

Daily rent of hotels in St. Petersburg is usually more expensive compared to long-term accommodation. Hotels create a lot of special offers and discounts for long-term bookings, motivating tourists to stay with them longer.

- restrictions on accommodation;

Some hotels may set limits on the number of days of stay. For example, you will not be able to book a room for a day in a place you like, because there is a booking rule for at least 3 days.

- high demand for rooms;

Choosing a daily room rental, the hotel will not be able to guarantee you that on the next day your apartment will not get another vacationer. And this is the most significant disadvantage of this booking option. 

The daily rent of a room has both significant advantages and the same significant disadvantages. And if you are planning a short trip to St. Petersburg, spend at least a few days in our city to enjoy its beauties, take a long walk through the old streets and bring only positive memories from your vacation.

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