Districts of St. Petersburg: how the Petrograd side appeared

Districts of St. Petersburg: how the Petrograd side appeared

Petrogradskaya side or Petrogradka is a popular place both among residents of St. Petersburg and among tourists. The area attracts visitors with its atmosphere and architecture. Everything here resembles an old European city like Paris or Budapest.

Petrogradskaya side is one of the historical districts of the northern capital, which together with the city is included in the UNESCO list. Therefore, visiting it is a mandatory item in your tourist itinerary.

Geography and foundation

Petrogradsky district appeared together with the foundation of the city, but it received its modern borders and name only after the revolution. In Peter's time Petrogradka was called the City and Birch district, and it was here that the House of Peter I was built, which today is a museum.

In 1917, the Bolsheviks changed the division of the city and expanded the area of the Petrograd side. Nowadays, the district begins with Zayachy Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress, borders with Vasileostrovsky and Kalininsky districts. Thanks to the appearance of the Trinity Bridge, which connected Petrogradka with the center, many residential complexes, administrative buildings, various cafes and shops appeared here.

Sights of Petrogradka

It is best to explore the Petrograd side on foot and in good weather. If you have planned a walk in this area, be sure to visit:

The Peter and Paul Fortress is a symbol of the city on the Neva and the first serious structure. In sunny weather, beautiful views of the other bank of the Neva River open from the shores of Zayachy Island.

The house of Peter the Great – a wooden and rather modest structure became a home for the emperor for several years. Here he actively supervised the construction of a new city and created his empire.

The cruiser Aurora – the infamous cruiser is also located on the Petrogradskaya side, moored at the Petrogradskaya Embankment.

The Cathedral Mosque is a majestic building that harmoniously combines modern and oriental motifs.

The Austrian Square is an excellent example of Northern European architecture. Walking along it, it seems that you are on the square of some Scandinavian country or an Austrian town.

The Petrograd side hides many more tourist locations, lamp cafes and interesting restaurants. You can get to the area from the Teatralnaya Ploshchad Hotel on foot or by any public transport. And to make your vacation pass in a cozy atmosphere, book a room on our website in advance at a bargain price.