Petersburg slang or why the front door, not the entrance

Petersburg slang or why the front door, not the entrance

Not the entrance, but the front door. Not a curb, but a curb. And instead of a bakery, it was customary to say bakery here. St. Petersburg "slang" is still actively used by indigenous people and always surprises tourists.

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The origin of slang

Territorial dialects are typical for most regions of Russia, including St. Petersburg.

The first words and expressions appeared since the founding of the northern capital. Peter the Great actively invited foreign craftsmen and sent Russian artisans to other countries. Thanks to this, many borrowings appeared in the Russian language, which are especially firmly entrenched in the St. Petersburg dialect.

Popular expressions

The translation of the word "front" does not need to be explained to anyone. However, this is not the only expression in the Petersburg lexicon:

badlon – turtleneck;

curb – curb;

shawarma – shawarma;

donut crumpet;

galoshes – galoshes;

lady – woman;

ladle ladle;

hide – and - seek tag;

habarik is a cigarette butt.

Local street names

Petersburgers actively call in their own way not only individual words, but also the names of streets and squares of St. Petersburg. To better understand the speech of local residents, we have prepared tips for you:

Aprashka – Apraksin yard;

Vaska – Vasilievsky Island;

Balty – Baltiyskaya metro station;

Grazhdanka – Grazhdansky Prospekt;

Mars is the Field of Mars.

Interesting facts

Petersburgers always pronounce the letter H and say "bakery, scrambled eggs".

The same applies to the letter J. In the word "rain" you will hear a firm Zh.

Also, in the slang of local residents, instead of the phrase "Who is the last?", "Who is the last?" is more often used.

On old houses you can still find signs "Front 1" and so on.

Buckwheat with chicken is exactly an expression that everyone understands, but it is actively used only in St. Petersburg.

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