Where did the name “Peter” come from

Where did the name “Peter” come from

St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg? Maybe St. Petersburg or better Petersburg? The official name of the northern capital is St. Petersburg, but philologists allow the word "Petersburg" to be used in writing and in conversation.

But "Peter" is a colloquial word, which, nevertheless, is actively used by both Petersburgers and visitors. Where did this name come from and how to call the city correctly – we tell you in the article.


The unofficial name of the city appeared in the 18th century, because initially Peter I called the future capital in the Dutch manner St. Peter-Burkh. Only after the death of the emperor began to use the German version and call the city St. Petersburg.

However, the word "Peter" is firmly entrenched in the speech of residents of the capital. Radishchev called St. Petersburg Peter in his work "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow". In the first volume of the History of the Russian State, Karamzin also touched on the fact that the word "Peter" is widespread among the people.

There is also a version that Muscovites called the new capital St. Petersburg. This is indicated by the unofficial name of Tverskaya Street. Muscovites called it St. Petersburg, due to the fact that it was a direct route from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Further, the word "Peter" can be traced in the works of Gogol, Krylov and Nekrasov. Before the revolution, there was even another word "Petersburger". This was the name of people from the province who had ever been to the capital.

After the revolution and the renaming of the city to Leningrad, the word "Peter" became less popular, but did not cease to exist. Only after the collapse of the USSR, the northern capital regained its historical name of St. Petersburg, and Peter returned after him.

The attitude of Petersburgers to St. Petersburg

Yes, yes, some Petersburgers will not forgive you Peter. The thing is that this word is too colloquial and even slang. And St. Petersburg is about aesthetics and beauty in every detail.

Nevertheless, no one will condemn you for using the word "Peter" in speech and writing. This version of the name of the city is still being debated. Some consider him rude, while others consider him affectionate. When you say "Peter," it's like you're addressing an old friend you're happy to meet.

We have no objection to the word "Peter" and actively use it in our articles. And you, too, do not limit yourself in any way in this, but rather buy tickets, book a hotel room and come to our favorite city on the Neva. St. Petersburg will surprise you with its architecture and history, and the Theater Square Hotel will do everything so that your vacation leaves only positive emotions.