How the Apostles Peter and Paul became the patrons of St. Petersburg

How the Apostles Peter and Paul became the patrons of St. Petersburg

The Apostles Peter and Paul are two important figures in Christian history and one of the most famous apostles of Jesus Christ. Their contribution to the early Church and the spread of Christianity around the world was enormous.

In addition, they play a special role in the history of St. Petersburg, as they are the patrons of this city.

Who are Saints Peter and Paul

According to the holy scriptures, the Apostle Peter was one of the closest and most devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Different versions present different biographies of the saint, but all religious scholars agree that Peter became an important figure in the early Christian movement. He spread religion after the crucifixion of Christ, for which he himself was crucified years later.

The Apostle Paul, before meeting Jesus, actively persecuted and imprisoned the first Christians, but one day a bright flash of light blinded him and the reproachful voice of Christ addressed him directly. After that, Saul (Paul's real name) went to Damascus, where he was cured of blindness and helped to be baptized.

Paul, who finally believed in the miracle of Jesus Christ, began to preach Christianity in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. He was one of the main missionaries, and his letters and epistles became part of the New Testament.

Why are Peter and Paul always together

There are several reasons why the names of saints always stand side by side:

Peter and Paul are the first apostles who created and spread the foundations of Christianity. That is why they are addressed in prayers when they feel that they are losing touch with faith.

The tragic deaths of Peter and Paul are also connected, so the Day of these saints is celebrated at the same time. Various sources indicate that the apostles were killed on the same day or in the same year, or with a difference of one year.

How Peter and Paul became patrons of the city

Peter and Paul became patrons of the future emperor on the day of his baptism on June 29, 1672, when the Day of these saints is celebrated in Russia. Therefore, the choice of a name for the tsarevich was obvious, although the name Peter was not popular with the reigning family at that time.

St. Petersburg was founded by Peter I in 1703 and became the new capital of the Russian Empire. In his desire to make Russia modern and open to the West, Peter I decided to name the new city in honor of one of his patrons – the Apostle Peter. Peter I saw in him a symbol of the power of the spirit, faith in his goal.

In St. Petersburg, you can find many places associated with the Apostles Peter and Paul. One of the most famous places is the Peter and Paul Fortress, which was built by Peter I on Zayachy Island on the Neva. The fortress has become a symbol of the strength and power of the Russian Empire, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral, dedicated to saints, is also located here.

Peter the Great was a religious man, but at the same time respected other religions and laid the freedom of religion in the way of Petersburgers for many centuries. Therefore, in modern St. Petersburg, you can find many Orthodox and Catholic churches, Lutheran churches, Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques.

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