Original museums of St. Petersburg

Original museums of St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a city rich in cultural heritage and history. Here you can find many unique and original museums that offer visitors unusual and exciting experiences. 

In this article we have prepared a selection of the most interesting museums that are definitely worth visiting.

Street Art Museum

Address: Revolution Highway, 84 AB

The museum is located on the open site of an operating factory, and all the expositions are painted here. Moreover, at the end of the season, all the drawings are painted over in order to draw something different in the new season.

Teenagers will especially like the museum, so its visit should be included in your program if you come to St. Petersburg with your family.

Freud's Dream Museum

Address: Bolshoy prospekt Petrogradskaya side, 18A

The Museum of Dreams was opened in honor of the centenary of the book “Interpretation of Dreams” Sigmund Freud. All the expositions inside reflect the essence of the work: the halls are divided into light and dark, where every centimeter is thought out to the smallest detail. So that you, walking through the museum, immerse yourself in the unusual world of the founder of psychoanalysis.

We recommend taking a guided tour that will take you through the halls and tell you about all the exhibitions.

The Universe of Water Museum

Address: Shpalernaya, 56

The expositions of the interactive museum of the Vodokanal are located inside the water tower and the main reservoir of the water station. Here, each exhibit tells the story of St. Petersburg's water supply, as well as the water pipes of different nations. 

Museum of Optics

Address: Birzhevaya liniya, 14

The Museum of Optics will tell you about the properties of light, optical waves and other complex terms from physics in simple language. The building was equipped with 11 halls dedicated to the history of optics and optical phenomena. Here you can look at holograms, create a rainbow and control your shadow.

Butterfly Park

Address: 72A Primorsky Avenue

Amazing beauty of butterflies from different parts of the world are collected in one museum “Butterfly Park". Here you can not only admire the charming creatures, but also hold them in your arms.

Important! Butterflies are fragile creatures. If you want to touch them while visiting the museum, do it carefully so as not to harm.

There are a huge number of museums in St. Petersburg. The most famous of them, the Hermitage, the Kunstkammer, the Peter and Paul Fortress, are mandatory to visit. However, we recommend to diversify the cultural program with unusual museums that will definitely leave positive emotions.

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