Bandit Petersburg: the criminal past of the city

Bandit Petersburg: the criminal past of the city

Behind the beautiful facades of palaces and rich culture hides the other side of St. Petersburg, associated with criminal gangs.

Bandit Petersburg is not only the name of the famous TV series, but also part of the history of the northern capital, which is no less attractive among tourists.

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Important! The gangster life of the city is in the past. Modern St. Petersburg is absolutely safe for tourists.

Places that were bypassed

In every city there are areas in which it is better not to look at dusk. And even such a lively and well-guarded pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg had such places.

The Champ de Mars nowadays looks like an ideal green picnic area on a summer day. However, back in the century before last, it was not safe to walk here on ordinary days. At night, when the field was plunged into darkness, the locals avoided it. And if a random traveler wandered into the Field of Mars, he could easily be robbed or killed.

The spirit of Bandit Petersburg originated even before the dashing 90s, and the heart of the criminal life of the city was considered to be Sennaya Square. The most colorful brothels, pubs and slums lived here. Thieves and petty hooligans reigned in the Haymarket. Even a high concentration of law enforcement officers could not cope with the level of crime that existed then.

The kingdom of the underworld

The next jump in the crime rate occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and at that time St. Petersburg could be safely called the capital of criminal Russia. Gangs divided territories, shootings became a common occurrence for local residents.

The reason for criminal activity, first of all, was the demoralization of society due to terrible deficits and lack of salaries. Former teachers, doctors and even the police had to overstep their principles and take to the streets, earning money by any means.

The city was conditionally divided between two large groups: the Tambov and Malyshevskaya mafias. They constantly competed with each other, “protected” all small businesses, managed energy resources and industrial companies.

With the advent of the new century, bandits ceased to excite the population. From gloomy and gray Petersburg has turned into a bright and welcoming tourist city.

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