What souvenirs to bring from a trip to St. Petersburg

What souvenirs to bring from a trip to St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a major tourist center of Russia. Everyone who visits this city wants to keep in mind its beauty and atmosphere, as well as bring home souvenirs that will remind you of an unforgettable trip.

Go to Nevsky Prospekt for souvenirs. There, at every step, there are both chain tourist shops and small shops with unique products. You can get to the avenue from the Theatre Square Hotel on foot.

Art books and albums

Saint Petersburg is a city that is known for its art museums, galleries and exhibition halls. If you love art and history, then you should pay attention to books and albums written about St. Petersburg and its cultural traditions.

You can buy such books in any museum or bookstore in the city.

Chocolate and candy

Chocolates are one of the most popular souvenirs that can be purchased in St. Petersburg.

Confectionery products of the Krupskaya factory are sold at every step. They are packed in gift boxes and bags with personal symbols.

If you want to buy fresh candies, go to candy stores for them, not souvenir shops.

Magnets and postcards

To visit St. Petersburg and not buy a magnet is a crime! This souvenir is sold in every store and even a grocery supermarket.

Choose beautiful magnets made of amber, metal or in the form of a sailing ship. Together with the magnets, purchase several commemorative postcards.

Vintage and antiques

If you already have a collection of magnets from St. Petersburg, you do not like sweets and do not read art books, then go to the Fair or to one of the antique shops to buy something unique and with history as a gift.

In vintage shops you can find real treasures: pre-revolutionary decorative items, branded clothing from the collections of the last century, first editions of books and paintings by unknown artists of the Soviet period.

Football Accessories

Is your relative or friend a fan of Zenit? On Nevsky or Liteyny Avenues there are shops with clothes, badges, flags and other accessories of the famous St. Petersburg club.

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