A hotel or a daily apartment rental? Where to stay in Saint Petersburg

A hotel or a daily apartment rental? Where to stay in Saint Petersburg

When you are planning a trip to St. Petersburg, one of the main issues is the choice of a place to stay. There are two options: book a hotel room or rent an apartment for a day. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of each option and help you make a choice.


Hotel accommodation is one of the most common accommodation options in St. Petersburg. Hotels here are presented in all price categories: from budget options to luxury five-star apartments.


1. Convenience. In the hotel you have everything you need for a comfortable stay: a bed, a bathroom, air conditioning, etc.

2. Maintenance. At the hotel you are served by staff who are always ready to help and answer your questions.

3. Security. Hotels ensure the safety of their guests, which is especially important for those traveling with children or alone.


1. Price. Hotel accommodation can be more expensive than renting an apartment for a day if you book a room before the trip itself.

2. Restrictions. At the hotel, you can not always cook your own meals and are limited in the choice of time for breakfast.

Daily rent of an apartment

Renting an apartment for a day is a good option for those who stay for a long time, more than 1 month.


1. Price. Renting an apartment for a day can be cheaper than staying in a hotel. However, during the active tourist season, landlords begin to inflate prices, so hotel accommodation will be much more profitable.

2. Freedom. You can cook your own meals, invite guests and spend time with family and friends.

3. Convenience. In the rented apartment you also have all the necessary furniture and appliances for a comfortable stay.


1. There is no maintenance. Unlike a hotel, there is no staff in a rented apartment who will help you with solving issues.

2. There is no room-service. You will have to clean the apartment yourself and keep it clean. And on vacation, the last thing you want to do is solve everyday issues.

3. There are no additional services that would be included in the price. There will be no buffet, gym or conference room in the rented apartment.

As you can see, both options have their pros and cons. If you need comfortable accommodation with security and service, it is better to choose a hotel. Theatre Square Hotel offers rooms of different price categories and high-quality service.