Water excursions in St. Petersburg: motor ship, boat or sup-boards

Water excursions in St. Petersburg: motor ship, boat or sup-boards

Saint Petersburg is a city famous for its canals and rivers. And what could be better than spending time on the water, enjoying the beautiful views of the northern capital?

Water excursions are especially popular in summer. River boats gather groups of tourists several times a day, a boat can be rented for a private walk, and SUP-surfing is only gaining popularity.

Motor ships – classics of the genre

If you want to cruise along the Neva River and the canals of the city, then motor ships are an ideal option. They have comfortable cabins where you can hide in bad weather, and platforms on the upper deck.

Water excursions on motor ships are suitable for almost everyone – families with children, romantic couples, companies of friends and colleagues.

Boats – for more active tourists

For those who prefer active recreation, there is an option with water excursions on boats. They allow you to move more quickly and dynamically on the water, and it is also easier to enter narrow channels.

Boat tours around the city with access to the Gulf of Finland are often organized. We recommend going for a walk before sunset to catch him in all his glory above the water.

SUP-boards – for fans of extreme sports

If you want a more extreme water excursion, then in St. Petersburg there is an opportunity to rent a SUP-board to swim along small channels on it.

Supes are boards for “calm” surfing, on which you can sit or stand and swim with a paddle. They allow you to see the city on the water in closer contact, as well as get a unique experience of swimming in the open air, in the center of the northern capital. However, it should be borne in mind that practicing on SUP boards requires physical training and coordination.

How to choose the perfect option

To determine your preference, you should consider several important factors:

- age and physical fitness;

- the time you can spend on the tour;

- budget;

- the sharpness of emotions that you want to get.

In addition to choosing the type of excursion, it is worth considering the quality of service. Pay attention to the reviews of other tourists and check the reputation of a tour operator or a company that offers water excursions.

St. Petersburg is a city on the water, and a water excursion is a great opportunity to see this city from a different angle and get a unique experience.

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