Where is it better to book a hotel in St. Petersburg?

Where is it better to book a hotel in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a beautiful city full of history and culture. Every month hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the northern capital to enjoy the monuments of architecture and culture, look at the majestic palaces and visit exhibitions.

In order to fully enjoy its beauties and sights, you need a convenient and comfortable place to stay. In this article we will look at where to book a room for two or more people in St. Petersburg and which areas are popular among tourists.

Hotel Search

With the departure of the Booking and Airbnb giants, travelers in Russia have not so few options left: domestic booking services are actively developing and most hotels are putting their websites in order so that tourists can choose rooms without intermediaries.

Let's look at each of the methods in more detail:

- aggregators;

The most popular and convenient way for many. One of the advantages is the interface: a table with the best offers appears in front of users. You can immediately compare prices and read reviews.

The services have their own loyalty program with bonuses and discounts, but even so they will never offer housing prices lower than they are on the official resources of hotels and daily apartments.

Among the working booking services are popular: Island.ru, 101Hotels.com and Yandex Travel. Also, their aggregators are developing services for buying tickets and marketplaces.

- official website;

We recommend booking a hotel in St. Petersburg directly on the official website. You can compare prices and read reviews on another resource, but you can choose a room and pay directly on the hotel's website.

So you will be sure of the best price, study the list of services in more detail and will be able to contact the manager to ask all questions.

Choosing a neighborhood

The first thing to do before booking is to explore the areas of the city. We recommend choosing the central part of St. Petersburg so as not to spend too much time and money on the road. In St. Petersburg, you need to walk on foot and it is more comfortable to do it directly from the hotel.

The following areas are popular among tourists in the historical center:

- Admiralteysky is the most popular area for living among tourists. There are many attractions, cafes, restaurants, shops and theaters.

- Petrogradsky district is a quiet and peaceful area compared to the Central One, located on the other side of the Neva River.

- Vasileostrovsky district is located on the island of the same name and “borders” the Gulf of Finland.

The choice of service for booking and the area of residence depends on your preferences. We have considered only a few options. The main thing is to book accommodation in advance to spend your vacation in a comfortable environment and with first–class service. To do this, go to the official website of the Theatre Square Hotel and choose a room according to your taste and budget.