How to spend a romantic evening in the center of St. Petersburg?

How to spend a romantic evening in the center of St. Petersburg?

Every year people come to St. Petersburg to celebrate a wedding or arrange a romantic vacation. 

In the city on the Neva there is a huge amount of entertainment for couples in love. And to get to them faster, book a hotel in the center of St. Petersburg. 

Date on the roof

What could be more romantic than a date on the roof of a pre-revolutionary building? Go to the height not as part of an excursion, but organize an individual visit with dinner and live music.

Choose safe viewing platforms where any activities are allowed. For example, the loft “Floors”, which has a roof – a spacious and equipped space for creative evenings, romantic dates and a bird's-eye view of the city.

White Nights

In itself, a natural phenomenon is an excuse to come to St. Petersburg and arrange a date with the second half. From the end of May to July, the city does not sleep 24/7. As in the afternoon, restaurants and some museums are open. There are crowds on the street who have given up sleep to enjoy the most romantic period of the year.

On white nights, we recommend just walking and looking at the beautiful architecture in the center without haste.

Bridge construction

In order to see the drawbridges, take tickets for the summer season. In addition, we recommend booking a hotel in the center in order to get to the room on foot. If you happen to be on the wrong side while the bridges are being built, the price of a taxi will be approximately equal to a plane ticket.

You can look at the bridges from the embankment or go on a boat tour along the Neva River.

River walk

Another option for a date in summer: a boat trip along the rivers and canals of the city. There are also options for boat excursions in the Gulf of Finland.

You can rent a motor ship for an individual excursion day or night, organize a small table and a live music concert. If you are not afraid of the presence of other tourists, choose a group program. It is much cheaper.

Sunset on the seashore

St. Petersburg is a sea city, so go to the bay on a clear evening. You can watch the sunset on the shore in the 300th Anniversary Park or in the Sevkabel Port.

Where is the best place to rent a hotel room? Choose the Theatre Square Hotel, and your vacation with your significant other will take place in the most romantic atmosphere. Go to the official website of the hotel. We often publish tourist routes, selections of cafes and restaurants, as well as special offers for booking rooms.