Where can I find the most delicious breakfasts in the center of St. Petersburg?

Where can I find the most delicious breakfasts in the center of St. Petersburg?

Start your day in St. Petersburg right: with breakfast! Moreover, every year more and more interesting cafes and restaurants open in the city. Each institution tries to surprise visitors and invent its own unusual serving of dishes.

We have selected only a few popular places in the city. By booking a hotel room in the center of St. Petersburg, you will be able to discover a new institution every day. The most cafes and restaurants are concentrated in the historical district of the city.

Sails on the roof

From the hotel “Theater Square": from 35 minutes by metro or bus

“Sails on the roof" is a panoramic restaurant on Leo Tolstoy Street. It is located far enough from the hotel, in the Petrogradsky district, but the windows of the institution offer views of the Peter and Paul Fortress, part of the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the roofs of pre-revolutionary buildings.

Book a table at the restaurant if you are planning a romantic breakfast in a cozy place. The menu includes classic pancakes with red fish, shakshuka, cheesecakes and scramble with vegetables. If desired, you can order a glass of sparkling wine for breakfast. 

Cheese factory

From the hotel: from 35 minutes by bus or metro

Start the day beautifully and deliciously. A hearty breakfast can be ordered daily from 9 am at the Cheese Factory on Kovensky Lane. The chef prepares for his guests several options of egg dishes, pancakes, croc madame and fresh pastries.

After a hearty meal, we recommend walking to Nevsky Prospekt and the Fontanka River embankment.

Avocado Queen

From the hotel: half an hour on foot in a straight line or from 25 minutes by public transport.

Avocado lovers can go to the Avocado Queen restaurant on Italian Street for breakfast. In the menu, half of the dishes consist, of course, of avocado. Here you can try crispy toasts with this fruit* and classic oatmeal porridge, potato waffles, omelets, cheesecakes and pancakes.

* Yes, we were also surprised, but it is more correct to refer avocados to fruits, or more precisely to berries. We will not argue with the nerds.


From the hotel: from 35 minutes by bus or metro

They come to “Animals” for a delicious breakfast and a romantic dinner accompanied by a glass of wine. They take care of visitors here: they serve large portions of avocado toast with poached eggs, omelets, granola and fragrant coffee. As a dessert, you can order fresh pastries or cheesecake.


From the hotel: 1 minute walk

And if you don't want to look for a place for breakfast for a long time, the Most restaurant in Nikolsky Dvor is at your disposal. A buffet is organized here, where everyone can find their favorite dish.

Book a hotel room in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg, and then your every breakfast will be accompanied by a delicious dish and a beautiful view from the window.