What can you see by walking along the Neva embankment?

What can you see by walking along the Neva embankment?

St. Petersburg has a second name – Northern Venice. The thing is that many rivers and channels, including artificially created ones, pass through the city. 

The embankments of St. Petersburg are mandatory to visit, especially in the spring and summer season. And to get to any tourist locations faster, book a hotel room in the center of St. Petersburg.

Trinity Bridge

Bridges over rivers and canals are considered sights of St. Petersburg by themselves. One of these is the Trinity Bridge. It connects Suvorovskaya Square and Petrogradskaya side.

At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a flatbed bridge, which was rebuilt a couple of decades later and named Trinity in honor of the square and cathedral of the same name. During the Soviet period, the bridge was renamed, but with the collapse of the USSR, most of the objects of the city returned to their historical names.

The bridge is made of several spans and a cantilever-beam system. Steel was chosen as the main material. In summer, the bridge is being built.

Summer garden

The park area in the Central district of St. Petersburg is washed from all sides by the Neva, Fontanka, Moika and Swan Groove.

The construction of the garden was laid by Peter I. By his order, the territories of the green zone were designated, drained, the first trees were planted and fountains were installed.

During the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna, “any neatly dressed person” was allowed into the garden, and now the entrance to the park area is free. People like to come here in the summer to enjoy the sun and well-groomed territory. 

Peter and Paul Fortress

The buildings of the fortress are clearly visible from the Palace Embankment, but we advise you to cross the Trinity Bridge and visit Hare Island.

The fortress is considered the oldest building and the heart of the historical district of the city. It was from here that Peter I began to lay the northern capital.

Now the Peter and Paul Fortress is a museum complex with the main cathedral, tombs and various buildings. Come here on a sunny warm day to admire the opposite side from the shores of the island.

Marble Palace

The marble Palace is considered a symbol of Russian classicism. And its northern side faces the Neva embankment.

Under Peter I, there was a post office and a barn where an elephant lived, presented to the emperor by the Shah of Persia. However, in 1737 a fire destroyed both buildings. For several decades this land was empty until Catherine II ordered to build a palace on the site as a gift to her favorite.

Nowadays, the Marble Palace is part of the complex of the Russian Museum.

There are dozens of river embankments and canals in St. Petersburg, next to which palaces, fortresses and monuments were built. Dedicate a day to explore the coastal areas. For long walks, book a hotel in the historical part of St. Petersburg. The Theatre Square Hotel is located in the Admiralteysky district, within walking distance to the main tourist avenues.