Which architectural monuments of St. Petersburg have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and how can they be reached from a hotel in the city center?

St. Petersburg is the historical heritage of our country. Cultures, religions and mores have mixed in the city on the Neva. For three centuries of existence, unique palaces, temples and monuments have been erected in the northern capital

Despite the huge number of attractions, only one significant object has entered the UNESCO list. We talk about it in the article.

The main monument of architecture

In St. Petersburg, only one monument was included in the UNESCO heritage list, and this is the historical center of the city and all the attractions included in it. Therefore, we always recommend booking accommodation in the center in order to enjoy the beauty of the northern capital even from the window of a hotel room.

The historical center was included in the list in 1990, and it was the first object in the USSR and modern Russia. At first, the members of the commission could not choose any one architectural monument, because every cultural object of St. Petersburg is worthy of UNESCO. Therefore, we decided to include the entire historical part of the city.

The significance of the monument

The inclusion of almost the whole of St. Petersburg in UNESCO was the first such case. After all, the historical center includes not only the city center in the literal sense, but also suburban areas, palace and park complexes, industrial facilities, residential buildings and people * living in this part of the city.

* Petersburgers are not included in UNESCO.

UNESCO's influence

Once on the list of cultural heritage sites, the city and its rich history have been protected by UNESCO. That is why in 2010 the organization's commission imposed a ban on the construction of the grandiose Okhta Center complex. It was planned to be built in the Krasnogvardeysky district on the right bank of the Neva. Since the land for the future complex belonged to the historical part of the city, the UNESCO committee froze the construction by its decision.

Sights of the historical center

Along with the historical part of the city, such iconic sights as:

- Winter Palace and adjacent square;

- Admiralty;

- Peter and Paul Fortress;

- St. Isaac's Cathedral;

- Church of the Resurrection of Christ on the Blood;

- Russian Museum.

In the suburban area under UNESCO protection included:

- Peterhof;

- Catherine's Palace.

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