What streets and neighborhoods of St. Petersburg are worth visiting while staying in a hotel in the city center?

What streets and neighborhoods of St. Petersburg are worth visiting while staying in a hotel in the city center?

In St. Petersburg, you will not have to get to the sights for a long time. They are literally at every step. 

Every street in the city center is a landmark in itself. Therefore, we have collected several walking routes where it is necessary to make a promenade. And if you want to know more about St. Petersburg and its surroundings, go to the official website of the Theater Square Hotel. Tourist collections and favorable booking offers often appear here.

Nevsky Prospekt

The avenue is considered the main artery of the city, where the most popular attractions, souvenir shops and unique cafes are concentrated. 

The street, 4.5 km long, begins with the monument to Alexander Nevsky. Walking along the avenue, you will meet administrative buildings, various public catering, budget and not very hotels of St. Petersburg on the way.

At the intersection with Ligovsky Prospekt is Vosstaniya Square and the metro station of the same name. Crossing the bridge over the Fontanka River, you will reach the Anichkov Palace and Garden. A little further away is the famous Gostiny Dvor, Kazan Cathedral and Singer's House.

The avenue ends at the Admiralty.

Malaya Konyushennaya Street

It is a popular pedestrian street of the city on the Neva. Its length is only 350 meters, but at every step you will meet sights: the monument to Gogol, the Swedish Church of St. Catherine. 

The street was designated in the century before last, when the imperial stables were located here. After the revolution, it was renamed Perovskaya in honor of the revolutionary, but in modern Russia it was decided to return the original name.

Rubinstein Street

One of the main party streets of the city. It is difficult to find a quiet hotel here, but there are a lot of restaurants and bars. Come to Rubinstein after dark to drink a couple of cocktails and dance.

Liteyny Prospekt

The Foundry originates from Nevsky Prospekt, near the Fontanka River embankment. It is always busy here, there are a lot of tourists and cars. 

We recommend visiting the Anna Akhmatova Museum on the avenue, taking a walk through the Italian Garden and in spring be sure to walk to the cherry blossoms. On the way, go to Subscription Publications to choose a new book and souvenirs.

Where is the best place to rent a hotel in St. Petersburg? Choose the Admiralty district, and then you will enjoy the beautiful historical architecture from the windows of the room. The Teatralnaya Ploshchad Hotel is located on Sadovaya Street, within walking distance from all the streets listed above.