How to spend time culturally in St. Petersburg with your family?

How to spend time culturally in St. Petersburg with your family?

St. Petersburg is equally glad to single travelers and couples with children. Here everyone can find excursions and activities to their liking.

A family vacation has its own peculiarities: from trip planning to sightseeing routes. We talk about them in the article. 

And if you want to know more about the city and its attractions, read the news on the official website of the Theatre Square Hotel.

Hotel booking

For a family holiday, choose a spacious room with several beds. On the hotel's website, you can book a family room with separate beds for parents and children.

The Theatre Square Hotel is located in the Admiralteysky district of the city, so you can get to all the sights on foot or by public transport.

Excursions with children

- Planetarium 1

Observing stars, planets and galaxies under a 37-meter dome is a great option for couples with children from 3-4 years old. Kids will watch the space show with undisguised interest, and adults can watch science films about space.

- New Holland

Between the Moika and the Admiralty Canal there is a real island with the frame of the frigate “Peter and Paul”, made almost in full size. 

What kind of child would refuse such a playground? The construction is durable, made of wood and other safe materials. Very young kids will be able to play on the playground with a sandbox. And for adults, educational lectures, concerts and movie screenings are held.

- Divo island

A giant amusement park is a must-visit if you come to St. Petersburg with your family. There are attractions for both children and adults. And if it's your birthday, the park will give you discounts and free tickets to the carousel.

- Leningrad Zoo

The oldest zoo in Russia is home to about 500 species of animals. Here you can meet jaguars, snow leopards and lions. Squirrels and hares, polar bears and kangaroos live in another pavilion. 

Kids will appreciate the petting zoo, where you can get to know the animals better. The zoo regularly hosts themed events and even free excursions.

- Peterland Water Park

An indoor water park in the form of a ship, from which slides of various heights descend. Smaller pools are located around it.

Also on the territory of the water complex there is a sauna and a steam bath, SPA salons and cafes.

- Museum of Soviet Slot Machines

This is a non-classical museum, where you can not only look at the exhibits. People come here to play table hockey and other machines from the Soviet past.