Author's tours of St. Petersburg. Which ones exactly are worth getting to during the trip?

Author's tours of St. Petersburg. Which ones exactly are worth getting to during the trip?

Unusual sightseeing routes around St. Petersburg allow you to look at the city from a different side, sometimes non-touristic, but no less interesting. If you are planning a vacation in the city on the Neva, first book a hotel in the center to quickly get to the most interesting locations. The official website of the Theatre Square Hotel presents rooms from standard to premium class. And then go to one of the author's routes in St. Petersburg.

Leningrad communal apartments

Surprisingly, unfriendly, gloomy communal apartments are hidden in the beautiful historical houses of St. Petersburg from the outside. The fashion for them appeared in Soviet times, when the authorities settled workers in apartment buildings.

Now the St. Petersburg communal apartment is one of the symbols of the city, where you definitely need to visit at least once. 

Literary Petersburg

The city cannot but inspire creative people. Therefore, Pushkin, Blok, Nabokov and others lived here in different years. St. Petersburg became the center of many of Dostoevsky's works. The writer tried to convey to the reader that a completely different life is hidden behind noble estates and palaces.

If you are a lover of Russian classics like us, be sure to visit the apartment-museum of Pushkin or Blok.

Mysticism of the city

Secret symbols, incomprehensible ciphers and buildings frightening with gloom – St. Petersburg can be not only gilded. This place holds a lot of urban legends.

Eyewitnesses still talk about the ghost in the Mikhailovsky Castle and the revived Bronze Horseman, who rides through the streets of the city under the cover of night. Go to non-standard locations with a guide to feel the spirit of mystical St. Petersburg.

Apartment buildings, wells and front doors

Walking along the avenues of St. Petersburg and admiring the exterior facade of buildings, have you ever entered the courtyard? And he will surprise you a little. 

Courtyards of apartment buildings were built of a closed type in the form of wells. And the front doors of many buildings in St. Petersburg look like museum halls with stucco, mosaics and columns.

Drinking establishments

When museums and palaces close, another life begins in the city. Crowds of tourists are eager to get into the famous Rubinstein's wineglasses to taste local tinctures and cocktails.

Each institution lures visitors not only with a drink card, but also with a unique atmosphere. It can be a rock bar or a communal-style wine bar.

In St. Petersburg, you can and should visit not only classic tourist routes, but also author's tours. They allow you to look at the city in a new way. 

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