Roofs of St. Petersburg. Danger or enlightenment?

Roofs of St. Petersburg. Danger or enlightenment?

The view of the city from the roof is an exciting sight. And if this is the observation deck of St. Petersburg, then you will never forget what you saw.

Excursions on the roofs of the city are particularly popular. However, more and more discussions are taking place in society: how safe it is.

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How legal is it?

Officially, only people who are engaged in technical operation can be on the roofs of buildings. Even the residents of the house can't just climb on the roof.

However, if you entered the building illegally, no one will fine you or put you in jail for it. There are no sanctions for this offense yet.

Officials are still arguing about the need for laws, but all bills are suspended at the discussion stage. They cannot prohibit access to the roofs, since this territory is equated to the entrance.

Then why do they conduct excursions?

Tour companies actively take advantage of the absence of an official ban. Maximum – the residents of the house can call the police and kick you out of there. However, if you agree with the tenants, then there will be no problems.

In addition, tourist organizations themselves develop the legality and safety of excursions on the roofs. Pre-revolutionary buildings are very popular. Groups of tourists are often taken there to show St. Petersburg from a bird's-eye view.

Hotels and hotels in St. Petersburg, which rent out roofs, help them in this.

What kind of ruf excursions are conducted?

Popular routes:

- Ligovsky Prospekt, 65;

The Art Nouveau building is open to everyone who wants to enjoy the view of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the dome of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Locals do not interfere with the passage to the roof in any way, so excursions are often brought here.

- Nevsky Prospekt, 28

The famous Singer House overlooks the main street of the city. The building was built before the revolution, so it has preserved the spirit of that era.

- Ligovsky Prospekt, 74

The loft project “Floors” is a creative space for creative individuals. Inside the building there are various shops, cafes and workshops, and from the roof there is a panorama of the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral and Ligovsky Prospekt.

A rooftop tour is a wonderful and privately safe way to get to know the city. However, it is not recommended to study the buildings of St. Petersburg independently. All passages on the roofs must be accompanied by a guide. 

It is impossible not to fall in love with Petersburg. The city holds many secrets, urban legends, stunning monuments of architecture and art. Book a room at the Theatre Square Hotel and be sure to take a tour of the rooftops.