Traditional winter cultural events in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city with a rich history and culture, and the winter period is no exception. At this time, the city offers many traditional cultural events that allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of winter St. Petersburg. For quick access to all the events and attractions of the city, we recommend booking an inexpensive 4-star hotel in the center of St. Petersburg.

One of the most famous events is the winter fair in Okhta Park. There is a fairground town in Okhta Park that will remind you of the spirit of European Christmas. Next to the fluffy Christmas tree, guests will find a carousel shining with lights, and around it there will be a whole arsenal of attractions for children and adults. Residents of the fair will help to taste the holiday. The fair will last until the end of March. 

Another popular event is concerts in the Petrikirche Nevsky Ave., 22-24. The building of the largest Evangelical Lutheran church in Russia at Nevsky, 22, is now actively used for worship services and for large concerts of classical music. Built in the XIX century, it has preserved a monumental appearance, in which the features of Russian classicism and Romanesque basilica are recognized. A large roomy building with a high ceiling has excellent acoustics, and the layout of the hall, which provides for the presence of a parterre and a balcony, makes it possible to see the stage well and not miss the entertaining stylistic features of the interior decoration. 

The next event is a new game exhibition "Planet of Cubes" from January 2, 2023 — in the city center on Nevsky, 20. Collect cubes, take selfies, study the history of the legendary designer at the interactive exhibition "Planet of Cubes". Masterpieces of painting, sculpture and architecture are waiting for you, collected from the details of the designer. As well as favorite characters of movies, cartoons and even games. Create your own cartoon from the constructor. The finished video will be immediately saved on your device. Here they do anything from the popular constructor! Tickets can be purchased at the exhibition ticket office.

Another event in St. Petersburg in winter is the "Garden of Light" in the Botanical Garden of Peter the Great. You are invited to follow the development of the Earth through the evolution of plants, written in the language of light and multimedia installations. In a time machine, you will travel 200 million years ago to see the landscapes of those times when giant lizards inhabited the Northwest. Shimmering paths will light up your path and take you into the world of amazing nature. Weaving a story spread across the park, you will discover the plots that our ancestors captured through rock paintings.

St. Petersburg offers many traditional cultural events in winter. They not only allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city and enjoy various aspects of its culture, but also learn a lot about the history of St. Petersburg. Regardless of your interests, you will be able to choose an event to your taste: from light installations and concerts to fairs and gastronomic exhibitions. We recommend booking a hotel in the city center to be able to easily get to any of these events and plunge into the atmosphere of winter St. Petersburg.