Where to stay with your family and pet in St. Petersburg?

Where to stay with your family and pet in St. Petersburg?

If you have a pet and you want to book a hotel with your family near the center in St. Petersburg, then first we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the hotel's policy in this regard.

As a rule, each hotel has its own rules for the accommodation of pets. It is possible to book a room with your favorite pet at our Theatre Square Hotel in St. Petersburg. 

It is possible to stay with one or two pets. For accommodation with pets, it is necessary to have with you and be ready to present a passport from a veterinarian with a note about vaccinations of pets. The accommodation of pets must be agreed with the hotel in advance. The cost of placing a pet up to 5 kg is 950 rubles per day, up to 10 kg - 1500 rubles per day. This money is spent on general cleaning with special treatment after leaving the hotel. Upon check-in, a refundable deposit of 3000 rubles is charged. The hotel provides a pet bowl, a diaper and a towel for paws.

What do you need to know when placing with an animal?

Don't forget to take a couch with you

It is better to take your pet's couch with you on any trip. New smells for an animal are stressful. Your hotel room will smell different, unlike the smell that your pet is used to. Their bed will smell like home, which will help ease anxiety.

Make sure that the place where you are staying offers accommodation with pets

It sounds pretty obvious, but it's better to check if the hotel you have chosen is suitable for staying with a pet. Be sure to find out the prices for accommodation with a pet. And also ask at the reception about the maximum weight of a pet allowed in the hotel.

Follow the rules of the hotel

You should always follow the rules of the hotel, but in case your pet does not, take an extra towel and throw it on the furniture to avoid damage. It's better to be safe than to pay a huge cleaning fee.

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