Why is it worth visiting St. Petersburg in winter?

Why is it worth visiting St. Petersburg in winter?

St. Petersburg in winter means beautiful views, a calm atmosphere and a chance to get to world—famous performances and concerts. By the way, hotels in low season are cheaper than in summer, and there are no queues at the ticket offices of attractions. What to see in St. Petersburg in winter and where to go? In this article we will tell you about popular entertainment in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area.

Prepare in advance, don't forget to dress for the occasion. Warm clothes and closed non-slip shoes will allow you to truly enjoy the city. Book a cheap room at the Theatre Square Hotel in the center in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg.

Visit theaters 

Petersburg is a theatrical city. Now more than 180 theaters are open in St. Petersburg, outstanding directors and actors work, the most high-profile ballet, opera and theater productions of classical and modern authors are held. 

Take a walk in the parks

You can admire the winter fairy tale. In winter, the usual sights look and are perceived completely differently. In the cold season, there are fewer visitors in the parks, which means that you can take leisurely walks, reflect and dream, hiding from the noisy city.

Admiralty house 

The fountain season in St. Petersburg usually ends in October, but there is a special one that appears only in winter. This is the light fountain at the Admiralty. Thanks to the straight park alleys, it can be seen from afar. Of course, the best pictures will be taken in the evening, when everything around is plunged into semi-darkness. Then the fountain transforms and begins to sparkle and shimmer. The light threads resemble water jets, so that St. Petersburg remains a city of fountains even in winter.

You will definitely find something to do in winter in this beautiful city, for example, visit the Christmas market or go ice skating. Saint Petersburg is a city where hiking is very pleasant. Keep in mind that visiting St. Petersburg in February will cost you the cheapest, since this is a period of low season. The Theatre Square Hotel is located in the central part of St. Petersburg, in the Admiralteysky district and is an excellent place for a comfortable stay. Go to the hotel room booking page in the center and check out the nearest available check-in dates.