What has been on the site of our hotel since 1787?

What has been on the site of our hotel since 1787?

Theatre Square Hotel is an excellent choice for all connoisseurs of the European level of comfort and attentive attitude of the staff, as well as for all lovers of the atmosphere of St. Petersburg. The hotel is located in the city center, in the Admiralteysky district, on Sadovaya Street, 62. You can book an inexpensive room at a hotel in St. Petersburg on the website - www.theatresquare-hotel.ru . The main sights of the northern capital are located nearby. Not all hotels in St. Petersburg are located in places where there is such an exquisite architectural environment. Since the hotel is located in the historical building of Nikolskiye Ryady, in this article we will tell you in more detail what has been in its place since 1787.

The history of Nikolskiye Ryady or Nikolskiy market begins in the XVIII century. The building was built according to the project of an unknown architect, approved by Catherine II.

Nikolskiy Market was conceived as a gostiny dvor – a separate complex of buildings where wholesale and retail trade took place, merchants temporarily or permanently lived and worked. Trade was usually conducted with other regions. The place for the Nikolskiy market was not chosen by chance, when choosing it, transport accessibility was taken into account along two water channels: Yekaterininsky and Kryukov. 

In 1825 there was a fire, the building was badly damaged, but was quickly restored.

In the two thousandth, the building became desolate and dilapidated. The authorities paid attention to it and decided to restore it. Since 2013, a large-scale reconstruction has begun and now you can see what has come of it.

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