The best places to shop near our hotel.

The best places to shop near our hotel.

The Theatre Square Hotel is a European—level hotel. We will provide you with excellent living conditions, as well as comfortable and polite service. We offer you to book a room in a hotel in St. Petersburg and we will be glad to invite you to enjoy breakfast in the cozy restaurant "MOST". Staying with us, you can easily get to any point of St. Petersburg, you can visit nearby shopping centers. 

1. Trading house "Peter" — Sadovaya str., 28-30, Central district

The trading house "Peter" on the territory of Apraksin Dvor is a convenient place for shopping if you have booked an inexpensive hotel room in St. Petersburg. The main principle is compliance with the optimal price-quality ratio.

2. DLT Department Store — Bolshaya Konyushennaya str., 21-23, lit. A, Central District

Each floor in the DLT is allocated to a certain category of goods: 

on the 1st floor there are accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes; 

on the 2nd and 3rd floor: men's and women's clothing; VIP halls are open for the most demanding customers here, where you can pick up the necessary items of clothing and accessories, and then make a comfortable fitting; 

youth clothing is presented on the 4th floor; 

on the 5th floor: goods for children; 

on the 6th floor there is a food court.

3. Sennaya shopping complex — Efimova str., 3, Admiralteysky district

More than a hundred shops for the whole family are conveniently located on three floors of the Sennaya shopping mall. Here everyone will find what they are looking for: clothes, shoes, gifts, accessories, household appliances and electronics. You can take things to the dry cleaners, wash your car, visit a beauty salon, a food court.

4. Nevsky Atrium Shopping Center — ave. Nevsky, 71, Central district

The shopping center has two main entrances located next to the arches of the metro station. Shopping galleries on the floors are represented by clothing, footwear and accessories stores of famous brands. For customers there is a perfume salon, a cafe, a restaurant "Nevsky".

5. Merchant Yakovlev's trading house — 38 Sadovaya Street, Admiralteysky district

On two floors of the complex there is a wide selection of men's, women's and children's clothing from Russian and foreign manufacturers; accessories, leather goods, shoes, cosmetics, children's toys and much more. The compact area of the shopping complex helps to avoid exhausting shopping, but at the same time allows you to make all the necessary purchases. The complex is located in an 18th-century building, which is an architectural monument.

By booking a room in St. Petersburg at the Theatre Square Hotel, you can easily visit shopping centers and supermarkets near the hotel. There are several shopping centers located near the hotel. You can get additional information on how to get into each of them at the reception desk.