Hard Rock Cafe

Photos provided by the press service of the "Nikolskiye Rows"

    The restaurant of the legendary American chain Hard Rock Cafe occupies a special place on the gastronomic and cultural map of St. Petersburg. This is a museum where you can have a great meal. Guests are served legendary dishes: branded ribs, Fajitas and juicy burgers, each of which is like a bright and juicy guitar chord without a note of falsehood.
    In addition, the cafe has an incredible collection of musical relics, and the atmosphere is thoroughly imbued with the spirit of rock and roll. The walls are decorated with more than 100 unique items and wardrobe items of the stars. Among them are the stage costumes of Katy Perry and Cher, the shirt of vocalist Rammstein, the jacket of Sting, the bomber of Paul McCartney, the guitars of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sergey Shnurov.
    And Hard Rock Cafe produces its own accessories, clothes and souvenirs, which fashionistas from all over the world and even musicians themselves seek to purchase.